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スポーツ 2018.7.30

グローバルMX-5カップ 第7戦/第8戦 レーサー鹿島 レースレポート

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Race 1 is over!
「GLOBAL MX-5 CUP」米国シリーズ第7戦が、7月28日(土)、晴天のオハイオ州ミッドオハイオ・モータースポーツコースで行われました。





Race 2:7月29日 (日)23:00~(予定)

Round 7 of "GLOBAL MX - 5 CUP" US series was held on Saturday, July 28 at the Mid-Ohio Motorsport course in fine weather. On the 20-minute qualifying, we stopped with the red flag to recover the car that was off the track before attack. The rest for 3 minutes, only one lap attack, but it was hindered by the traffic and did not reach the practice's pace. I started from 26th grid.

On the race, one car hit my rear end at the turn 1 of the opening lap and pushed out of the track. I rolled down to the tail end. I back up, but 3 contacts thereafter, I finished the race on 23rd place.

The car potential and my pace was not too bad, so on tomorrow's race 2, I will try to get "hard charger award" !

Race 2: Sunday, 29th 10:00 EST

Never give up!
「GLOBAL MX-5 CUP」米国シリーズ第8戦が、7月29日(日)、昨日の第7戦に続いてオハイオ州ミッドオハイオ・スポーツカーコースで行われました。予選のセカンドベストタイムにより27位グリッドからスタート、序盤のアクシデントによりレースカーのバランスが崩れてペースを上げられず、26位でチェッカーを受けました。




The 8th round of the "GLOBAL MX - 5 CUP" US series was held on July 29th, Sunday on the Mid-Ohio Sports Car course following the 7th round of yesterday. Starting from the 27th grid by the second best time of qualifying, the car balance broken due to the early accident and I got a checker at the 26th place.

We changed the suspension setting, so I could chase the cars in front at a high pace after the start, but one car behind which made a braking mistake on the turn 1 of the 4th lap hit my right rear tire, I could no longer run straight. But it takes time to fix that, so I continued running, I finished the race at the 26th place in the battle with the back group.

I can't show any results past 6 races, but I have greatly advance. I would like to thank all the sponsors who support my new challenge and everyone who sends cheers for me. The next time will be September 1 and 2, the 9th and 10th rounds in Portland. I will never give up and try more hard with the fighting spirit.

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